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Fitness Classes


You won’t find a better variety of instructors anywhere! All classes are included as a free service to our members. Classes are taught morning, lunchtime, afternoon, and evening at Lifetime Fitness. All of our classes are mixed level. If you would like an orientation to any class, we will make an appointment for you to meet with the instructor for a private 30 minute session. Pick up a fitness class schedule at our front desk.

Class Descriptions


Aerobic Combo


A challenging combination of low/high aerobics and/or step followed by core resistance training and core body work.

Body Sculpting


Improve muscular strength, endurance and tone in this non-aerobic conditioning class. Core body work combined with balance exercises, weight training and various resistance tools make this a full body workout.

Boot Camp


Combines high/low cardio movement with the fundamentals of military fitness conditioning. Jump, pump, push and crunch your way to a fitter you. For all fitness levels.

Boxing Basics


Learn different boxing skills including punching kicking, blocking and footwork. Use different stations to build strength, endurance, coordination and confidence.

Dance Party


Unleash the dancer in you and experience the ultimate in fitness fun. A dynamic innovative class with dance steps that will liberate your mind, body and spirit.

Flexibility for Everyone


This 30 minute class will help everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level, alleviate stiffness, prevent injury, maintain good range of motion and reduce stress.

Flexibility Plus


Includes core conditioning.

Learn & Burn


Lifetime Fitness certified instructors train you on the proper form and technique of fundamental exercises that culminates with an intense strength-training workout. All within 30 minutes.

Moments of Meditation


An open 15-minute meditation session beginning with pranayama (yogic breath) as the entryway to seated meditation. Instruction offered. No experience necessary.



Lifetime Fitness unique style integrates alignment, breath, flow of movement and relaxation. All levels welcome.

Step It Up


A high intensity step aerobic workout with exciting choreography to keep it fun and interesting.



A high-energy/dance/aerobic class combining Latin/African/Caribbean dance.

T’ai Chi


Daily practice is said to bestow the flexibility of a child and the wisdom of a sage. Patient practice enhances balance, focus and strength.

Specialty Classes


Lifetime Fitness stays on the cutting edge by offering a variety of Specialty Classes. We continue to bring you new and exciting workouts.